Representative Director
  Masashi Hagiwara
Our business stage spreads all over the world.  
Our sales network is not limited in Japan, but spreads all over the world. Ever since our foundation in 1963, we have been trying our best to provide industrial equipments and motors necessary for home electrical appliances.
Our Service Department not only sells our products, but also tries our best to establish good relationship with our clients in order to reflect their needs in our products. Today, our industrial and home-use motors, electrical pumps, and drainage systems have high reputation in various fields.
  We are also working on developing electrical products using nature-friendly electricity, which corresponds today's market needs.
  As one of the contributors of the development of Japanese industry, we would like to do our best to promote better products, which, I believe, helps realize better society.
We take pride in "continuous operation from parts to finished goods" and "systematic production line".  
We have established production line furnished with cutting edge facilities in order to meet the needs of the market that is rapidly growing more various and distinctive.  
These facilities not only promote cutting edge technology, but also promote various products rapidly and accurately by realizing automation and standardization.  
We also take pride in our quality control, and guarantee the best products and trust.  
    Name Mie Denki Company Limited
We take pride in responding clients' needs immediately. Founded December, 1963
  Capital \10,000,000
  Annual Income \1,100,000,000 (Income of 2016)
  Number of Employees 55
  Operation Sites Headquarter: 705-1 Shimada, Kuwana, Mie
  Second Factory: 705-2 Shimada, Kuwana, Mie
  Sales Branch, Nagoya,Osaka,Tokyo
  Business Description Production and sales of small motors, Electrical pumps, water purification systems.
    1963 Founded as Electric Coil Maker 
  1969 Founded as Mie Denki Kougyou Corporation (Capital \3,000,000)
  1978 Obtained a license of Small Electricity Maker from the Ministry of International and Industry
  1980 Second Factory started operation
  1982 Obtained a license of Small Motors and Related Products Maker by the Ministry of International and Industry
  1982 Started producing Electronic Pumps
  1982 Founded Osaka Sales Branch
  1990 Started producing Water Purification Systems
  1995 Founded Mie Denki Company Limited (Capital \10,000,000)